Rapid_Relaxation_free_hypnosis_mp3_dan_regan_hypnotherapy_elyFree Rapid Relaxation Hypnosis MP3

Could you do with relaxing better? Have you been feeling anxious or stressed recently? Does having some calm time sound good to you?

Our award winning hypnotherapist, Dan Regan, is offering you his FREE Rapid Relaxation hypnosis download that will help you mentally and physically relax more and more easily.

If this sounds good to you then head to www.danreganhypnotherapy.co.uk to grab your free copy today.

FREE Initial Hypnotherapy Consultation (worth £35)

To help you take that first difficult step towards feeling better quickly and effectively, our Hypnotherapist Dan Regan offers a FREE initial telephone consultation.

This is a chance for you to find out more about hypnotherapy, and ask any questions before deciding to go ahead.

Your only investment is 30 minutes of your time – so to find out how you could feel the benefit of hypnotherapy in Newmarket call 01638 669933 today and reserve your space.

Hypnotherapy & Coaching

3 sessions £255

6 sessions £450

9 sessions £630

If you are reading this then you may have been struggling with an area of your life for some time. You may have tried many other ways to start feeling better.  Yet you still haven’t found the results you are looking for that will help you enjoy living with confidence, calmness and happiness.

You may be living in the grip of your anxiety and panic, you may want to successfully take control of your weight loss (and keep it off) or you may want all the confidence you need to do the things you want to do.

Hypnotherapy can help you with many issues including:

  • Overcoming your Anxiety
  • Successful Weight Loss
  • Ending your Panic Attacks
  • Massively increasing your Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Managing the Stress in your life
  • Letting go of your Phobias & Fears

Newmarket Hypnotherapist Dan Regan tailors each session to meet your individual needs using a broad range of therapies including hypnosis, NLP, Time Line Therapy & coaching.

Here’s what people have said about working with Dan:

Anxiety: “I could never go anywhere on my own. This has changed my life. Thank you.” Laura, Cambridge

Anxiety: “I used to suffer with anxiety and panic and, following my sessions with Dan, have found these feelings are no longer there.” David, Ely

Weight Loss: “I’ve gone down two dress sizes and am still losing weight!” Nicola, Ely

Weight Loss: “I came to Dan for help with my emotional eating…he managed to make me feel like a human being again and I now have the confidence to control what goes in my mouth and I’m even getting out more!” Anita

Confidence: “My confidence, self-belief and positivity were at an all-time low. Dan has helped me regain the person who I thought I had lost – I would wholeheartedly recommend him.” Kate, Newmarket

To read more things people have said go to www.danreganhypnotherapy.co.uk/what-people-say

Stop Smoking Now – £297

Do you want to successfully stop smoking for good?  You already know how it will benefit your health and wellbeing, and how much money you will save, so now you need the help to successfully quit today.

Using his specially developed Stop Smoking Now hypnotherapy techniques, Dan will help you end the habit and addiction so you can enjoy being the you who feels good without cigarettes.

To help you become someone who used to smoke and no longer does, Dan’s Stop Smoking Now package includes:

  • The Stop Smoking Now Hypnotherapy Session (2 hours). In this session we will address all the factors that are involved in smoking including ending the automatic habit of reaching for a cigarette and addressing the impact of the nicotine on your body.

Whether you currently smoke when you are bored, stressed, after eating, socially or without even realising, by the end of this session you’ll know you never want to do it again.

  • The Hypnosis CD/MP3. To help you stay focussed and in control after the main hypnotherapy session, you will listen to the stop smoking hypnosis track to support you being free from smoking into the future.
  • The Follow Up Hypnotherapy Session (1 hour – if required). It’s rarely needed, yet you can feel confident that you have all the support you need to stay free of smoking. If within 3 weeks of the main session you want more support, just contact Dan and we’ll get together to keep you on track.

Here’s what people have said about successfully stopping smoking with Dan:

“Really happy with the session. I smoked for over 10 years and since my session with Dan I haven’t even looked at a cigarette! Highly recommended. Thank you, Dan”. John, Cambridge

“Just wanted to give you another huge thanks. I have now passed the 1 year mark for giving up smoking. Have not had a need or want to pick one up. I promote hypnotherapy for anyone who is trying to give up. That helping hand has been huge”. Angela, Ely

“Well Dan, I can only thank you. Since our session I have not smoked or even had any bad cravings for a smoke”. Andy, Ely