Meet the team

Michele Hales MCHP – Owner

Michele has over 15 years experience in complementary therapy and beauty treatments, and has worked in Spas and clinics worldwide. Michele was passionate about recreating the same spa environment, philosophy, standards and expertise, together with the convenience, affordability and friendly charm of a salon. White Tara Therapy Centre is now a multi-disciplinary centre, offering a wide range of complementary healthcare under one roof.

“I qualified with a IIHHT Diploma in Holistic Therapies in 2003, and have been continuously updating my skills and knowledge over the years. I am a full member of the Complementary Health Professionals.  I have completed the Penny Brohn Cancer Care Certificate in ‘Working with people with cancer’, and worked for 10 years with the West Suffolk Cancer Support Group.  In 2007 I diversified my practice to include Beauty Therapy to complement my existing therapies.  I believe in an integrated approach to beauty and wellbeing. 

Clare Smith – Beauty Therapist

I made the decision to go into beauty therapy because I love to make people feel good about themselves, I’m very particular about everything I do, I’m a bit of a perfectionist! I have a real passion for all things related to skincare. I can help you reach your skincare goals. I specialise in Facials, Massage, Waxing and Threading.

I have been in the industry for over 10 years and love that I’m constantly learning and developing new skills along the way in this ever-changing industry.

Daniel Regan – Hypnotherapy

Dan Regan is a highly qualified therapist who aims to help every client meet their potential and achieve their goals. He tailors each hypnotherapy session to match the needs of the individual and believes that every client can succeed in making the changes they are seeking.

Dan’s qualifications include Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner NLP, Master Practitioner Time Line Therapy, Master Hypnotist,  Certified Professional Coach.

Ying Chan – Yoga Practitioner

In 2016 I went on a yoga teacher training course to deepen my own practice, but once I finished I found I had been given a wonderful gift to share and introduce my passion with people. I love the fact that yoga is open to everyone regardless of your age, race, or gender. I am a forever student, and love learning from new workshops and courses, passing on the knowledge and insight I gain, but I always learn from my students too. I have practised all styles of yoga, and love them all for their own reasons. Personally I find that flow is better fit all round for the biggest group of people. I love that I can borrow from other styles and add bits in to my own classes. I teach a gentle flow style, with a bit of fun added. 

Rebecca Downham – Colonic Hydrotherapy

Rebecca trained with some of the UK’s leading practitioners including Kitty Campion and went on to work closely with her as her senior therapist at The Campion Clinic in North London. She has also trained in iridology, western herbalism, aromatherapy and reflexology, Becca brings together all she has learned in many disciplines to provide a 360 approach to Colonic Hydrotherapy.

Becca is fully insured and a member of ARCH, the Association of Registered Colonic Hydrotherapists Established 1987.

charmaineCharmaine Clarke – Reflexology

ITEC trained Charmaine has been practising reflexology since 2009, she has since gone on to study ‘Fertility reflexology’ and is a member of the ‘Association of Reproductive Reflexologists’. She is a qualified ‘Mindful’ reflexologist working with clients suffering from anxiety, stress and depression; she is also a qualified ‘Maternity’ reflexologist. Charmaine also offers ‘Hot Stone’ reflexology – loved by clients wanting to take relaxation to another level; it has been shown to lower cortisol levels and help to support the parasympathetic nervous system to help the body reverse the stress reaction.

vickyVicky Warner – Gong Bath Meditation & Reiki

Vicky specialises in healing, helping people to raise their vibrations and facilitating change. She is qualified in reiki healing, regression therapy, hypnosis and has a degree in herbal medicine. She has been practicing reiki for over 20 years and is constantly learning new things to improve herself as well as her practice. Vicky works with people who genuinely want to see change in their lives.

Jessica Humble – Anti-wrinkle treatments.




If you would like to come and join our team of professional therapists please contact the clinic on 01638 669933 or email Michele at