Male Grooming

Men’s Waxing

*£20 Deposit required at time of booking)

Eyebrow Tidy (Lycon Hot Wax) £12

Nostrils or Ears (Lycon Hot Wax) £10 Both £17

Manzilian (Lycon Hot Wax) £40 – £60*  Please discuss with your Therapist area to be waxed.

Buttocks Wax £15 – Removes hair from the surface area of the butt cheeks.

Crack Wax £12 – Removes hair from between the buttocks cheeks.

Sack Wax £25 – Removes hair from around the testicles.

Back, Sack & Crack Wax £52 – Back, Buttocks, Sack & Crack in one *(£25 deposit required)

Speedo Wax £18 – Removes hair from the top of the pubic area and high sides of the legs.

Chest  £18

Chest & Abdomen £25

Back: Half £18/ Full including top of arms £25