Myofascial Release

What is Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release (MFR) is a type of physical therapy often used to treat myofascial pain syndrome. Myofascial pain syndrome is a chronic pain disorder caused by sensitivity and tightness in your myofascial tissues. These tissues surround and support the muscles throughout your body. The pain usually originates from specific points within your myofascial tissues called “trigger points.” 

Myofascial release focuses on reducing pain by easing the tension and tightness in the trigger points. It’s not always easy to understand what trigger point is responsible for the pain. Localizing pain to a specific trigger point is very difficult. For that reason, myofascial release is often used over a broad area of muscle and tissue rather than at single points.

What is Fascia

The fascia of the body is the tough connective tissue that holds us together. It has been described as a 3 dimensional body stocking that envelops each and every structure of the body; the tiniest nerve has its own fascial sheath, as does the largest bone.

In the normal, hydrated healthy state, fascia has the ability to move without restriction. However it is very common to develop fascia restrictions due to factors such as postural imbalances, accidents, emotional trauma, or repetitive strain issues. Because fascia is entirely continuous throughout the body, a restriction in one part will affect every other part.

The use of Myofascial Release allows us to treat each client as a unique individual. Our one-on-one therapy sessions are hands-on treatments during which our therapists use a multitude of Myofascial Release techniques and movement therapy.