Gong Bath Meditation Wednesday 7th March  8pm – 9pm £15

The New moon is often a time to bring new things in to your life and release old patterns that do not serve you. So why not allow yourself some time to just lay down and relax and let the gong wash over you, release the old patterns and allow the new ideas to manifest.

The full moon is a time to look inwards, reflect on your life and see what you shadows you are hiding.  You can often feel ungrounded and lose focus at this time. So why not allow yourself a moment to just observe, centre and ground your energy. I invite you to join me while I take you on a journey with the gong.  Let the vibration of the gong wash over you, helping you to acknowledge and release any blocked energy you are ready to let go off and bring yourself back to you.

Although mats and blankets are provided please feel free to bring your own for extra warmth and comfort.